Chief Executive Officer

James Miller

James Miller

The Chief Executive Officer reports to the elected body and is responsible for the overall management of the administration of Council business. 


General Manager - Governance and Executive Office

Sheree Schenk

Sheree Schenk

The General Manager – Governance and Executive Office oversees Council’s day-to-day operations and is responsible for ensuring the provision of sound corporate governance across all Council functions, ultimately ensuring compliance with the Local Government Act 1999 (SA). The position presides over Risk Management, Work, Health and Safety, Information Management, Media and Communications, Human Resources, Customer Service, Governance and Administration. The General Manager – Governance and Executive Office also provides governance advice and support to the elected body and assists Council in adhering to its legislative obligations, policies and procedures.


General Manager - Development and Community

Robert Veitch

Robert Veitch

The General Manager – Development and Community is primarily responsible for ensuring Council’s statutory obligations in a development and regulatory sense are adhered to. This position presides over the Development Services function, General Inspectorate, Environmental Health, Compliance, Community Services and Development, Community Event Management and Libraries.


General Manager - Finance and Business

Rajith Udugampola

Rajith Udampangola

The General Manager – Finance and Business is primarily responsible for the management of Council’s financial services department. The position oversees Council’s Strategic Finances, including Budget Management, Accounting and Reporting, Business Plan Support, Treasury, Grants and Subsidy Administration as well as Rating and Property Database Maintenance. The position presides over business-related portfolios including Accounts Payable and Receivable, Payroll and Information Technology.


General Manager - Infrastructure and Environment

The General Manager – Infrastructure and Environment is responsible for the provision of capital projects and maintenance services to the region for all of Council’s assets including Roads, Land and Buildings, Parks and Gardens and Waste Management. The Infrastructure and Environment Department is responsible for supporting the community by maintaining and improving the public realm and providing a pleasant amenity for residents and visitors alike.


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