Adelaide Plains Council has defined a policy as: The overall intentions and direction of the organisation.

A 'Governance Policy' is defined using all of the following criteria:

  1. It is a governing principle that mandates or constrains actions.
  2. It is a requirement under statutory legislation (e.g. Local Government Act) or sets strategic direction for the Council as a whole (rather than service related).
  3. It helps ensure compliance and enhances the Council's mission.
  4. It effects Council Members individually or as a whole council, external customers and/or more than one department.
  5. It will change infrequently and sets a course for the foreseeable future.
  6. It is approved by the Council.

One of the most important roles Council has is to participate in making policy and decisions on behalf of the community. An essential part of policy making is identifying community needs, setting objectives to meet those needs, establishing priorities between competing demands and allocating resources.

Policies adopted by the Adelaide Plains Council

.pdf Adelaide Plains Council Vehicle Crossover Specification

.pdf Asset Management Policy

.pdf Budget Management Policy

.pdf Building and Swimming Pool Inspection

.pdf Caretaker Policy

.pdf Cemeteries Policy

.pdf Children and Vulnerable Persons Code of Conduct

.pdf Children and Vulnerable Persons Safety Policy

.pdf Citizenship Ceremony Policy

.pdf Code of Conduct for Council Members

.pdf Code of Conduct for Volunteers

.pdf Code of Practice - Access to Council Meetings and Documents

.pdf Code of Practice - Meeting Procedures

.pdf Community Wastewater Management System Policy

.pdf Complaints Handling Policy

.pdf Complaints Handling Procedure under Council Members Code of Conduct

.pdf Council Members Allowances and Benefits Policy

.pdf Council Members Communication Policy

.pdf Council Members Induction Policy

.pdf Council Members Information Technology Policy

.pdf Council Members Records Management Policy

.pdf Council Members Training and Development Policy

.pdf Council Vehicle Policy

.pdf Credit Card Policy

.pdf Delegations Policy

.pdf Disposal of Land and Other Assets Policy

.pdf Election Signs Guidelines

.pdf Enforcement Policy

.pdf Event Management Policy

.pdf Fire Fighting and Other Emergencies Policy

.pdf Fixed Assets Management Policy

.pdf Funding Policy

.pdf Gifts and Benefits Policy for Council Employees

.pdf Gifts and Benefits Policy for Council Members

.pdf Informal Gatherings Policy

.pdf Internal Financial Controls Policy

.pdf Internal Review of Council Decisions Policy

.pdf Internal Review of Council Decisions Procedure

.pdf Land Under Roads Policy

.pdf Lease and Licence for Community Land and Building Policy

.pdf Local Government (General) (Employee Code of Conduct) Variation Regulations 2018

.pdf Order Making Policy

.pdf Private Works Policy

.pdf Procurement Policy

.pdf Prudential Management Policy

.pdf Public Consultation Policy

.pdf Public Interest Disclosure Procedure

.pdf Rates Arrears and Debtor Management Policy

.pdf Register of Interests Policy

.pdf Requests for Services Policy

.pdf Reserve Development Policy

.pdf Resident Contribution to Road Sealing Policy

.pdf Risk Management Policy

.pdf Road Naming Policy

.pdf Rural Property Addressing Policy

.pdf Short Stay Accommodation Policy

.pdf Smoke Free Workplace Policy

.pdf Social Media Policy

.pdf Treasury Management Policy

.pdf Vegetation Management Policy

.pdf Vehicle Crossover Policy

.pdf Volunteer Management Policy

.pdf Waiving Development Application Fees for Community Groups Policy

.pdf Waste and Recycling Services Policy

.pdf Water and Sewerage Services Hardship Policy

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